Bathroom Resurfacing

Looking For Professional House Painters And Decorators?

Bathroom resurfacing can provide a durable and cost-effective solution if you are looking to update your existing tiles and fixtures, for a fraction of the cost of a full bathroom renovation. There is nothing quite like the luxury of a stylish, modern bathroom. Resurfacing makes this dream achievable by providing an affordable and beautiful alternative.

Why spend big on a full bathroom renovation when you can simply choose bath resurfacing, where you spray paint the bathroom fixtures including resurfacing bathroom tiles, bathroom sink resurfacing and bathroom countertop resurfacing to give your entire bathroom a new lease on life.

Our premium quality bath resurfacing products are purpose made for durability in wet areas, so you know that the fresh look of your bathroom will last for years to come. An added bonus of resurfacing bathroom countertops and tiles is that your existing grout will be completely sealed, meaning no more mouldy grout!

Why Choose House Painter:

  • 5 Year Written Guarantee – All our resurfacing work is guaranteed for 5 years in writing and backed by over 25 years EXPERIENCE.
  • Made in Australia – We manufacture our own unique resurfacing materials here in Australia which have been specifically formulated for bathroom resurfacing and tested by the CSIRO.
  • No more mould and mildew – The unique Werx Enamel is mould resistant. We eliminate bathroom mould and stained grout once and for all.
  • Trained technicians – Our Experienced and Qualified House Painter Technicians arrive on-time and finish on-time, and will do great quality work for you.
  • Great range of colours – We can match your existing colour scheme with our great range of coulors.
  • Saving money – cheaper than full renovation It’s faster and cheaper than a full bathroom renovation with minimum inconvenience to your daily routine.
  • Using your bathroom again after 24 hours! You can start using your bathroom again 24 hours after completion of the work.
  • Hassle Free – It’s hassle free as House Painter does all the work.
  • No mess – No re-plumbing, no re-tiling and NO MESS!