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There are many options available when it comes to graffiti removal in Melbourne, including harsh chemical solutions, traditional sand blasting and soda blasting – all of which have a number of disadvantages. At House Painter, we’re proud to offer effective graffiti removal methods that are capable of removing graffiti indoors or outdoors without using chemicals or causing damage to surfaces. Our innovative 100% eco-friendly Abrasive Blasting graffiti removal process works on just about every surface, from brick, concrete, plaster and natural stone through to tiles, wood, plastic and metal. Whether it was applied yesterday or years ago, we can tackle any graffiti, guaranteeing a great result first time, every time.

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Our high-pressure hot water cleaner makes it successful and simpler to remove graffiti painting without utilizing brutal synthetics that may harm the surface. All solutions used are environment-friendly and leave the site looking as spotless and flawless as new. Unlike some other graffiti removal service providing companies in Melbourne, we are aware of the right methods and tools necessary to ensure a 100% cleanup of your vandalized surface for guaranteeing a slick and smooth finish.

After the graffiti has been removed, we offer a shield to avoid future graffiti attempts – a double layer anti-graffiti protection which is made to secure signs, metal, timber, stonework and other surfaces from a wide range of spray paints. In case the miscreants return and attempt to vandalize your property with artworks one more time, you will be able to wash off the paint simply using hot water and a squeegee.

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Our team at House Painter are fully equipped with the required technical knowledge, experience, and equipment to make sure that your requirements are properly reflected in work. So whether you need to paint your business location, office, factories, shop or any other domestic location, we are here to assist you with your needs.

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