5 fun and creative ways to increase your homes curb appeal

What is the first thing people notice about your home? What does yours tell about you? Create an inviting entryway to make your home feel. This will give a good first impression.

It’s not just guests and neighbors who can enjoy a home with great curb charm. A well-designed and thoughtfully designed entrance will make you happy to be back home after a long workday. Here are five ways to create a beautiful yard in your front.

Consider your walkway

Is the path leading to your home on the street or coming from the driveway? When you’re installing a new walkway, consider what looks best with your home. You may want to have people walk up the street, or you might prefer that they use your driveway. You might even want to have a walkway in both directions.

Use plants to enhance the design. Consider lining your pathway with flowers or shrubs.

Don’t forget to maintain your walkway once you have installed it. Keep grass and weeds out of cracks and between bricks to maintain curb appeal.

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Plant foundations

Perennials work well with evergreen or deciduous trees and shrubs. The right plants can give your garden depth and color. To achieve this, you should choose plants of different textures and heights. Keep in mind also the blooming time and natural colors of the plant. Choosing plants that complement one another will make your yard more eye-catching, both from the street and from the house.

Evergreens like Hinoki Cypresses, Azaleas, and Inkberry Holly are good for this. These plants will help to create a texture foundation. Fothergilla, Summersweet, and other native deciduous trees extend the blooming season and emit a lovely scent both early in the year and later. Stewartia’s bark is exfoliating and can be used as a focal feature all winter. Here are a few plants that can be used as foundation plants in your entrance garden.

Make your home more welcoming by using benches and other hardscapes.

A porch swing or bench can be added to the front of your home. These features can be enjoyed on summer afternoons for a relaxing time. You could stop a passing friend to enjoy a glass of lemonade if you feel social.

Anchor your home

If you don’t have an anchor, your home will look barren. Use large native trees, such as the sugar maple, or large native flowering trees, such as the Carolina Silverbell. These trees are easy to maintain and grow naturally. They will frame your home and help you create a natural look. They will also shade your house in summer and keep it cool.

Don’t go overboard. Anchor plantings are excessive and can make your home feel cluttered. To enhance the appearance of your house, you can complement the large trees by planting gardens with smaller trees and shrubs.

It is important to make your entryway beautiful on the inside.

Many people forget that investing in beautiful landscaping can also provide a stunning view of their home. Look at your home from the street and consider what plants will work best and where. Also, think about how you want the path to run. Ask yourself the same questions from inside your house. Enjoy the view inside your home as well.

These ideas will make your front yard look great and warm all year round. The right foundation plants can be welcoming and pleasing even in the middle of winter. Make an appointment with Moodscapes today to learn how you can make your home look stunning from the outside and inside. Download our free eBook for more information about the essential elements of creating an outdoor living area you will love.

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