5 interior design trends that will define 2024

We’ve seen the rise and fall in popularity of Ultrafragola and boucle furniture. What will we find if we search for “interior design 2024” in our crystal ball (or even on Google)? AD PRO spoke to experts, and they predicted that 2024 will be a year with offbeat colors and designs, as well as a mix-and-match approach of styles from different eras.

Stone Fruit Chic: Apricot and Peach

The home trend color forecasts for 2024 are dominated by peach, apricot, and other soft, sweet, and slightly tart hues. Pantone named Peach Fudge as its Color of the Year. Leatrice Eiseman is the executive director of Pantone Color Institute. She describes the color as “a radiant color radiating warmth and modern elegance.” Gemma Riberti is the head of interiors for trend forecasting agency WGSN. Her team has been looking at orange. They note that it is a “recharging near bright in the wellness industry” and a vibrant alternative to traditional pastels. WGSN’s 2024 color, Apricot Crush, “can be paired easily with neutrals and nature, and is appropriate for textiles as well as glass, bathroom, and bedroom products,” Riberti says. “But you can work it into intriguing narratives by offsetting it with purples, greens, or blues for vibrant juxtaposition.”

The upper floor of a home in Forte dei Marmi designed by Ninety Nine Group is home to a sweet-as-a-peach Ettore-Moccchetti-style slipper chair.

Champalimaud’s design also uses the classic technique of selecting chromatic partners from opposite sides of the color wheel. Courtney Brannan, principal of Champalimaud Design, tells AD PRO: “We are seeing the endless possibilities with peach and turquoise colors in interior design trends for 2024.” She says that while these colors have a tropical vibe, they can also be neutral. At the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, the turquoise color creates a formal, amplifying statement around the Silver Palm Bar. In New York City’s West Village, an apartment’s peach-colored plaster wall “has more of a subtle presence and calmly frames the artistic living space surrounding it.”

It’s so Metal

The home decor trends for 2024 are all about chrome, steel, and aluminum. Pinterest Predictions 2024 features a board called “HOT METALS.” The aesthetic is surrealist, with surfaces that look like the sinewy surface of liquid mercury.

In 2024, mirrored surfaces and chrome furnishings will be in high demand. A mirrored table anchors the dining room of Oliver M. Furth’s home with his partner, Sean Yashar.

David Michon is the author of Substack, a newsletter. Scale This is the natural result of an early 2020s overabundance of earth tones. He notes that “the desperate search for warmth in this cold, gray world has exhausted the’meditative greys’ and ‘earthy browns’.” Don’t write these metallic finishes off as industrial. “The many stainless steel explorations of Milan’s Concorde are a good example. Harry Nuriev Or Tejumola Butler Adenuga Show us that steel is simply reflective.” Michon says that these metals tend to amplify the vibe of a room. One notable exception is “stainless steel appliances, which are still overrated.”

House of Hunt Holly Hunt agrees, though with a more muted finish. “I see bright aluminum gaining in popularity in 2024 following years of gold and dark metals dominating hardware and accessories,” Holly Hunt tells AD PRO. “

This He There They saw a similarity between modern art and the bold and graphic use of lines in American decorative and fine arts. Viewed through a social prism, Americana is just as new. The Shakers were not a tame group, and they pushed functionalism to an edge that the Bauhaus couldn’t even dream of. Who wouldn’t like to own a part of this radical American history by 2024? Set your auction alerts.”

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