Easy and Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas

The bedroom is the ultimate retreat. Bedrooms should be comfortable enough for a restful night’s sleep but also soothing to the nerves at the end of a stressful day. A wooden bed or a piece of cool art like Wave Art will set the mood for your bedroom. However, the rest of the décor does not have to be expensive in order to make it feel cozy and personal. You can give your room an elegant twist with a variety of DIY decor projects. Here are a few easy ideas:

Custom Stickers

Customsticker.com is an online custom sticker maker that has always said, “Stick them anywhere.” “No sticker, no fun!” The personalized stickers are a great way to bring creativity and endless fun into people’s lives. Custom clear stickers are transparent and can be used on any wall color. Customsticker.com offers clear stickers that are affordable. You can choose from a variety of other custom stickers, but it is up to you to decide which one will best match the color of your wall. You can upload your design or tell their designers what you want, and they’ll create awesome, unique stickers. You can try it.

A Photo Collage

Photos will always remain a part of the memories you keep. You can make a photo collection above your wooden bed in many different ways. You can make a grid of Polaroid images if you prefer an organized look. It could be a grid as small as 5 x 5 or as large as 15 x 15. Use framed photos of different sizes and orientations if you want to create an organic flow. Maintain a consistent theme throughout the collage. The theme can be the subject of an image or its color story.

A Canopy

There is nothing more royal than sleeping in a poster-style bed. This type of bed works best in large rooms. They are also very expensive. You can also create a canopy over the headboard of your wood bed. Two rods as wide as your bed and a length of flowing material are needed. Mount the first rod on the wall, above the headboard, and a few feet beneath the ceiling. The second rod is mounted on the roof about two feet away from the wall. The fabric should be draped over both rods so that the short end falls over the rod on the roof and the remainder falls behind the bed. For a fun touch, you could add tassels to the drape.

Origami Wall Art

Origami stimulates the brain and is not only beautiful to see. If you want something different, you can make some origami pieces to create a decorative wall piece. You could, for example, generate origami birds in two or more colors and arrange them in a group like birds in flight. You could also create origami triangles and arrange them in a tessellation over a wooden bed. Wall art can also be a fun way to bring color into your room.

Statement Macrame Wall Art

Macrame, another form of art that has become popular again, is also a trend. It is easy to learn and inexpensive, and it has a dramatic effect when done in large quantities. Macrame wall hangings can be made with cotton cords in a single color or macrame cords that have been dyed. The knots could be used to make a large dreamcatcher. You can also create macrame wall pieces by creating a cluster. It’s best to start small when you are learning this art.

A Banner of Paper Cut-Outs

Making a paper garland is the easiest DIY project you can do. You only need a lot of colored paper, scissors, and string. Select a shape you like. You could choose a circle, heart, or bird silhouette. It is best to cut out the first piece from a stiff sheet of paper or cardboard first. Then, you can trace the shape on the other sheets. All you have to do now is cut the banner and attach it to the string. You can arrange banner backdrops for your bed in any way that you want. It’s a fun way to bring color into your room.

Washi Tape Wall Art

Washi tape has proven to be a very versatile material for room decor. You can create geometric or random patterns, wallpaper by taping different colored tapes from one wall end to the other, or a grid. Washi tape is best used to create patterns with straight lines and sharp angles. Avoid curves, as they can quickly become untidy. Washi tape can be easily removed and is, therefore, ideal for rental properties.

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