Six small decor changes that will make

When the urge to change your home strikes, it’s difficult to do so every time. This could be due to time, energy, or budget constraints. When we feel the urge to make changes in our homes, we tend to think of large projects such as painting or replacing every piece of furniture.

I love to daydream about the big projects that will be undertaken in my home. Many small changes you can make to your decor will completely transform the look of a room without having to spend a lot. Even if you implement just one or two changes in your home, you could get the new start you want for your space.

Please share any tips you may have for making small changes to your design that will make a difference in the comments below!

Living Room

The whole point of living rooms is to live in them! These lifestyle-friendly decorating tips will help you refresh your favorite lounge spots.

Bring in Rugs

Rugs can transform a space, even if the price is intimidating. Lorri Dyner Designs estimates that decorating a living space can cost between $2,000 and $33,000+. (Read more about this). After reading this, you might think that the cost of a rug is much more reasonable.

If budget is the main concern (I’m right there with you, trust me! ), then a previously owned rug can be a great way to save money while also being environmentally conscious. Finding a pre-owned carpet is an easy way to save money and be environmentally friendly when you are updating your home. You can find textile treasures at your local vintage or thrift shop. Visit Henslin in Minneapolis and be inspired!

Focus on Lighting

The functionality of lighting is often ignored in a space. We all love to browse Pinterest for inspiration on light fixtures. If the room inspiration is not the same as your home, it may not be the best lighting solution for you. It’s not likely to be the best lighting solution for you.

In my living area, I use a floor light with a drum shade so that the pages of my books are illuminated without the light shining on the TV. I would advise you to consider the exact reason why you need light and what function it will perform in a particular space.

In my living area, I use a lamp with a drum shade so the pages of my books are illuminated without shining on the TV. I would advise you to consider why light is needed in a particular room and what function that light will serve.


Invest in high-quality frames. In any secondhand shop, you can see the quality of frames that have lasted the test of time. Fill the frames. I love to buy digital prints and change them depending on what’s going on in my life. I can feel like a collector of art while still staying within my budget.

Dining Room

The table is the most important piece of furniture in every dining room. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect dining room in your home.

Create a Centerpiece

Consider your tabletop a gallery and yourself the curator for the tiny rectangle at the center. It’s a great way to add texture throughout the room. It can be a rotating display of your collection of tiny trinkets or even a candle of your choice (this is my favorite). It doesn’t really matter as long as the piece reflects you!


Adding dimension to your dining room by playing with shapes is an excellent way to create a unique look. If you have a rectangular table, incorporate some curves in your chairs or wall decor. This small detail can make a big difference to the design of your space.


Soft textiles add warmth to the dining room. A table runner or area rug can implement this idea. You could also use something smaller, like a pillow on a chair. These little tweaks bring a new element (and one that is very needed) to the room!


The kitchen can be a tricky place. There is a thin line between clutter and decor in this high-traffic part of the house. Here are some easy ways to update your kitchen decor without sacrificing functionality.


You can use all of the beautiful things that you already have as decor. What is your favorite mixing bowl? Place it on a shelf. What about your grandmother’s teapot? Leave it on the stove. It’s a great idea to decorate your kitchen using 1. items you use and 2. things that show your personality.


I have never seen a grocery store without flowers. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Not only are they a lovely addition to your home, but they’re also good for you! Ingrid Fetell Lee writes in her book The Surprising Ability of Ordinary Things To Create Extraordinary Happiness that research has shown that simply being around flowers can improve our mood, reduce stress, and improve our memory.


Ceramic and metal are the two most common materials used in kitchen décor. The two textures complement each other well. Why not go one step further? Different textures, such as wood or glass, will have a big impact on your space. This is a great way of adding visual interest to a color scheme without changing it.


The bedroom is a very personal space in the house, and it serves one purpose: to sleep. In order to help you sleep well, I have put together some budget-friendly recommendations.


Duvet covers can be a great way to update the look of your bedding without having to change it completely. Unlike fitted sheets, duvet covers are easy to store and usually come with matching shams.


I love a good throw. You’ll find one in every room of my apartment (if I could figure out how to get one into my kitchen). In the bedroom, I like to change the throws at the foot of the bed frequently. This is a great way to add color and texture to your room.


There, I said it. The electrician who worked in my apartment did not think so. He didn’t even put any lights in my bedroom.

I was looking for a solution and found Smart Light Bulbs. Since then, my life has never been the same! The ability to dim the lights has changed my life. I would recommend this to anyone without a dimmer switch on their light switch.


Bathrooms can be mucky, dark, and lacking in natural light. They are also the most neglected area of your house. Here are a few small updates to your bathroom’s decor that will make you feel refreshed.


The addition of greenery to a bathroom, particularly eucalyptus, is a great way to liven it up. The latest bathroom design trend is to hang eucalyptus branches in the shower. It is not only beautiful but also healthy. Steam from your shower releases essential oils, which provide great-smelling air for breathing and health benefits for the eucalyptus.


Wall accessories that have no home are often solved by saying, “I’ll just hang it in the bathroom.” You’ll be disappointed with the space if you adopt this mindset. When you decorate your bathroom with well-thought-out art, it will add to the atmosphere and make your space feel more designed. At the moment, this print hangs proudly in my bathroom.

Wall accessories that have no home are often solved by saying “I’ll just hang it in the bathroom”. You’ll be disappointed with the space if you adopt this mindset. When you add art to your bathroom, it will enhance the atmosphere and make your space feel more designed.

Showcase your design skills with… towels.

In the big scheme of things, towels are irrelevant. But in smaller spaces such as bathrooms, they can have a huge impact. It’s not always possible to get matching body and hand towels, but a thoughtful collection of colors in your towel collection will make it easier to maintain a coordinated bathroom.

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