6 tips to sell your home fast

Many homeowners may need to sell their homes as soon as possible. This could be due to a number of reasons, including relocating to begin a new career, ending a relationship at home, or selling the home in order to close the deal on a brand new house.

There are ways to sell your house faster, no matter what the reason. Let’s walk through the most common steps.

8 Ways to sell a house fast in a creative way

Consider these eight tips if you want to sell your house quickly:

Select an experienced agent

You can’t afford a housing professional who is inexperienced when time is an issue. Instead, you’ll want to work with a real estate agent who understands your market and has worked with sellers in similar situations before.

Browse local “for sale” listings and save those that have great photos and compelling descriptions. These agents are likely to be dedicated to selling your home quickly. Asking for referrals can go a long way in the real estate industry. So, ask your family, friends, and social media contacts about their experiences with agents in your area.

Look for an agent who has sold many homes in your area and has been working there for many years. Find out if they have any connections to help you find a buyer. Tell them your ideal timeline for closing to determine if it is realistic. Ask if they can help.

Don’t hesitate to interview several agents. Most buyers choose the first agent they speak to, but by exploring multiple options, you may find one that is a better match. Verify the license of any agent you are interested in with your state’s real estate department. Check their online reviews and ask for references from previous clients.

Set a competitive price.

Online real estate sites can provide you with information on recent sales of homes similar to yours. Calculate the price per sq.foot of these comparable sales. Divide the price by the square footage to do this. To get an accurate starting price, multiply this number by the square footage of your home.

You may want to increase this number if you think your house is more desirable than others (for instance, if its location is quiet and peaceful) or lower it if less desirable.

Here are some reasons why you may want to underprice your house when you put it on the market:

You’ll appear in more searches. Many buyers set a price limit when searching for online listings. If your listing price is $500k instead of $499k, you don’t want potential buyers to pass up on it. You may also find that buyers are willing to stretch a little if you have a house they like.

You may get multiple offers if your home’s price is below the market value. Your home could sell for more than it is worth. However, the lower price may attract more interest and make you sell faster.

You can work with an agent to determine the best pricing strategy. If you are going it alone, these strategies can be a good starting point.

De-cluDeclutterlean Your Home

It may seem like common sense to clean and declutter your home before you list it. Browse through the local real estate listings, and you will likely find some homes that are in disarray. It can make a home look unattractive to potential buyers. They may have trouble imagining moving in with all the clutter.

Your agent may know someone who can help you declutdeclutterlean if you don’t want to do it yourself. Asking friends and family to help you out is a good idea if your budget is limited.

Stage Your Home

Home staging can help buyers imagine themselves living in your house after you’ve decluttered and cleaned it.

Stagers will work with your existing furniture and decor or provide rented items, depending on the budget and timeline of your move. Although it is possible to stage your own home, a professional will have more experience in layout and design and know tricks to attract buyers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, buyers’ agents believe that the living room and main bedroom are the most important rooms to stage. HomeAdvisor estimates that you can expect to pay $1,728 for home staging on average, but prices range from $749 up to $2,825. The total cost of home staging can vary depending on your home’s size, location, and move-out costs.

List your property professionally with professional photos

The first thing buyers do is look at homes online. This means that providing high-quality images of the property is essential. There are a few factors that contribute to top-notch pictures for real estate listings:

Avoid obvious photo filters. They tend to look fake and could make you look as if you are hiding something.

Wide-angle photos (but not too wide so that they are distorted or misleading).

Each room can be seen from multiple perspectives

Start with an appealing exterior shot

Avoiding accidental duplication

Consider adding these extras to your listing.

Drone Shots: These shots can give a good idea of the surrounding area and neighborhood. These are also more likely to be current and of higher quality than street views on Google Maps.

3D Walkthroughs: These allow buyers to feel as if they are in your home and can see the flow of the house.

Consider an iBuyer

You may want to choose an instant buyer or iBuyer when you are looking to sell your house as quickly as possible. iBuyers is a technology-driven company that purchases homes directly from the buyers. They make cash offers using computerized appraisals, called automated valuation models, along with photos, virtual tours, and home inspections. This is usually done within 24 hours after receiving your information.

You won’t be required to hire an agent or worry about staging, cleaning, or giving tours. In exchange for the convenience, you will have to pay iBuyer a fee, typically 5%- 14% of the sale price.

Select a Buyer with Financial Qualified

The process of closing a mortgage for a buyer to purchase your home could take up to two months. Cash buyers, however, may be able to close in a matter of days. Most buyers finance their homes, so if you wait for a buyer who is paying cash, your options may be limited, which could lead to a lower sale price.

Selling to someone you know

Selling your home directly to a friend or family member can help you avoid paying an agent’s commission.

According to NAR, three out of four FSBOs will sell in 2020 in less than two weeks. However, they tend to sell at a price that is about 10% lower than homes listed by agents. While you may save money on commissions, you may end up just breaking even.

Remember that selling to someone you know can lead to tension if the sale doesn’t go as planned.

How fast can you sell a house after buying it?

You can sell your home as soon as you buy it if you like. However, selling too quickly could result in losing money due to the costs associated with buying, selling, and moving.

In general, it’s best to wait at least two years to sell your home so that you can offset closing costs with the equity you build during this time. Depending on the circumstances of your sale and how much equity you can build, you’ll ultimately have to decide whether or not waiting until you break even is worth it.

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