Animal print throw pillows

Animal prints are not new to interior designers. Zebras, leopards, tigers, and snakes are all common prints. Animal prints are not for the timid.

Few other styles can add a sense of adventure, variety, and glamour to an interior. It can also be toned down so that it is just an accent.

Animal print is a trend that you can incorporate into your home in four different ways.

Animal Print Rugs

It is a great idea to use animal prints on your floor. You can choose from imitation or genuine hide rugs, such as reindeer rugs, which have a pattern that is tonal but slightly dappled. Or you can go for animal print carpets.

Company’sompany’s emerald and leopard rug is an example of a full-zebra print rug.

Image credit: Image Credit (R – L): The Rug Company and Elizabeth Krueger, Photography by Mike Schwartz

Smaller rugs with animal prints can make you look like you are hedging your wagers. However, if you choose a large design, you will get more out of your room.

The beauty of rugs is that they are not the focal point of your room. You can cover them with furniture or accessories. There’s no need to cover them up like a work of Art. It’s not like a piece of art where you can hide.

The zebra rug in the Elizabeth Kreuger photo is a standout, but it has to share the spotlight with the antique table and woven basket.

Animal Print Cushions & Towels

Animal print cushion is another easy way to add animal print to your decor.

If you are drawn to a certain style of print, such as leopard, try introducing complementary characters, like giraffes and tigers, which share a similar color palette. Use them in multiple rooms in your house to create a subtle motif.

The more confident you are, the better the outcome. Use two different animal print fabrics on the cushions of your living space and a third style on your bedroom or hallway bench if you own one. If you are only interested in one type of print, then use it exclusively, as the designer did in the sophisticated Eichholtz Living Room.

If you want to take your textiles a step further, invest in an animal-print throw. If you don’t want to go all out with animal prints, keep the cushions minimal and let the throw take center stage. Fold it in half and drape it over the back of Dorsch or ‘s arm. Place a mix of oversized and oval cushions in front.

Animal Print Furniture

Furniture with animal prints is not for the weak-hearted. If a throw-on yoisn’tfa isn’t enough, an animal print couch should be the answer.

As you move down the gears, you will find animal print chairs, headboards, and footstools. These headboards are just as fearless, but not to the same extent as a large sofa. These smaller examples of upholstery fabrics in animal print highlight its elegance.

It is important to match the print style with your home decor and colour scheme. Cohesion is important because it comes to animal print.

If you select zebra, make sure to use black and white in your entire room. If you decide on a tiger, make sure to use honeyed wood furniture or flooring with amber accents and black pulses. If you choose a giraffe, make sure to have a sand-hued presence combined with brown and golden tones in the room.

Remember that not all animal prints are loud. You can find colored versions that are similar to the original but do not have natural colors. This allows you to see animal prints in a more subtle light. There is also shagreen, a lightly patterned hide with a single color that has its markings picked up bvet’sIt’sng. It’s used to coat storage pieces and table tops.

You can also consider what kind of animal print furniture goes best with your home accessories. What is the answer? Any answer will do

You can enhance the Art Deco look by choosing mirrored or metallic furnishings. Choose cane, bamboo, and bone inlay to create a scheme that is spirited, nomadic, and traveled. Combine animal print, timber and antiques to give your scheme an,ohemian feel. Combine all these elements, and you’ll get an eclectic look, as the first Eichholtz photo proves.

Animal Print Decor

Lastly, we have accessories. Animal print accessories can be used to enhance the wildness of your interior or as a single jungle reference. They are available to add pockets to every room. Don’t stop with the dots, stripes, and spots. AddDon’tr accessories that are related to them in order to emphasize their zoological theme.

Display a tray of jars and other animal-themed curios with a jaguar handle on the desk of a home office. You can also display specially selected bottles of spirits (such as Zebra Gin and Snow Leopard Vodka) along with a bottle opener in animal print.

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