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There are many minuscule rooms in big cities all over the US. Small bedroom ideas can be hard to find, and you may feel frustrated before your space improves. You see an armchair, “reading nook,” and makeup vanity, but your bedroom still lacks nightstands. There are decorating solutions to help you create a beautiful living space. You can also squeeze in storage and get a good night’s rest, regardless of how small your square footage may be.

How can I maximize my small bedroom space?

Think about each piece you add and ensure it fits the mood you want to create in your small room. For example, you can create a soothing space by painting that dresser a bright color. If you want to make your space feel unique, skip IKEA and go with second-hand furniture.

How can I design a layout that is suitable for a small room?

Consider which furniture pieces you find most important when planning a layout for your small bedroom. Do you lack a closet and, therefore, need a place to store your clothes? You’ll probably need to put a clothing rack or dresser at the top of your list. You may spend a lot of time in bed, even when you are not asleep or getting ready to sleep. A daybed might be in order. Do you have a large windowsill right next to your bed or a deep window? You can use that surface instead of a nightstand.

What are some tips for couples on how to style a small room?

Sit down together and discuss your requirements as described above. You’ll need to compromise because you may have different priorities when it comes to the size of your bedroom. If you want to store twice as much in a small room, you should consider a storage bed.

Add a patterned headboard.

It can be difficult to incorporate patterns into a small room without overwhelming it. Designer Beata Heuman showed how to do this in the West London apartment pictured. The upholstered end-of-bed bench in this apartment is not suitable for every small space, but the look of the striped headboard can be replicated even in the smallest bedrooms. The patterned headboard draws the eye not only to the back of the bedroom but also upwards as it reaches toward the ceiling.

Organize what you need to store.

The owner and Myanmar-based architect Pierre Mounier designed this Paris apartment. The bed is flanked on either side by open bookcases. The lack of backing on the shelves makes the space feel airy and spacious rather than feeling closed in. The clever design of the bedroom allows for the shelves to be used as nightstands and enables the homeowner to use their items as decor. This adds visual interest to the room without cluttering the area. Multipurpose is the word!

If you want a uniform look, buy baskets or bins to store all the clutter on your shelves. You can store a lot in the baskets, but you won’t need a large wardrobe or dresser.

Separate your space with a curtain.

Even if your bedroom is small, you may want to maximize its space, especially if your room is a studio or your only private space. The addition of curtains can be a flexible and cost-effective way to divide your space for multiple uses. The curtains in Corey Kingston’s Lower East Side apartment separate the bed from the living space, allowing her to sleep peacefully and privately. The curtains add color without committing to a bold paint scheme. This is especially useful for those who rent. ).

Choose a headboard with a bookcase.

The best small bedroom designs meet multiple needs. The bookcase headboard is the perfect solution. It would be best if you had a place for your books. You got it! Do you need a side table for your bed? You can put anything you would normally place on a table! Do you need a headboard for your bed? It’s all up to your taste. You can choose a bookcase headboard if you don’t need a headboard.

The bookcase headboard in Fanny Singer’s Los Angeles apartment serves many purposes. The topmost shelf can be used as a gallery wall, displaying various artworks.

Avoid the nightstand by mounting a wall sconce.

Consider whether you need a nightstand. If your main reason for wanting to squeeze one in is that you need a place to put a lamp, consider mounting a wall sconce. Skip the nightstands, and you can easily save at least one foot on each side of the bed. Those sconces look very chic. This is evident by a quick glance at the bedroom of this 300-square-foot apartment designed by Vincent Appel.

Simplify your color palette.

Simplifying your color palette is often the best way to create a sense of calm in a small area. Even if you choose colors that aren’t neutrals but still create a relaxing environment, limit yourself to these colors. It’s better to store things behind closed doors than in plain sight, like designer Ryan Brooke Thomas in this Brooklyn renovation.

Choose a floating table.

You may not be ready to give up your side table but still have limited room. A floating side table may be the solution to your interior design dilemma. Brett Masterson had to divide the original bedroom into separate rooms in a Brooklyn Apartment for a mother and her young daughter. In the mother’s bedroom, a floating bookshelf is just big enough to hold a phone charger and a glass of water. A floating bookshelf is much easier to clean than its four-legged equivalent.

Natural light

When windows appear in our living areas, we should try to place them as close to the center as possible. Designer Yasmine Ghoniem installed a low headboard in a bedroom to allow the window to be as clear as possible. The headboard and bedspread are a great example of how deeper colors can work in a space that has filtered natural light.

Keep it doorless

If you’re blessed with a large closet (or even a walk-in) but a small room, you may be limited in your options. Major renovations are likely to be necessary. You can remove the doors that separate the closet from the rest of your bedroom. The cramped bedroom will not feel like a cave, and the closet won’t be as secondary. You’ll get bonus points if your doorway is arched like the Brooklyn rowhouse, which was reimagined by Rustam Mehta, Tal Schori, and GRT Architects.

Select a headboard with sculptural elements.

Sculptural headboards are a great option for those who prefer neutral colors and fabrics over bright prints and vibrant colors. You can still enjoy the benefits of an attractive headboard, such as how it can create a mood and set the tone for a whole room. This is without sacrificing the color scheme or the overall mood. The StudioAhead sheep bed was used in a San Francisco remodel by SA founders.

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