Cabinet ideas for bathroom

Storage is a key component of your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. However, when you are working with a small space, adding storage can be difficult. Imagine yourself taking a bath and stumbling over your toe because the bathroom cabinet is too big. A small bathroom doesn’t have to mean that you must compromise on storage. What you need instead are smart bathroom cabinet designs that will maximize storage and take up minimal space.

Open Shelves #1 in Dark Wood

Open shelves ensure you don’t need to hunt for your toiletries, as everything is clearly visible.

Closed bathroom cabinets can create a cluttered and cramped appearance in a small bathroom. Choose open shelves to display your toiletries and not make your bathroom appear smaller than it is.

This wall-mounted bathroom mirror cabinet is an excellent choice because it saves space. It also features a trendy, airy, dark wood open design.

Bathroom Cabinets: Sleek and Contemporary Designs

These lower cabinets are black with gold handles, giving this bathroom a glamorous appeal.

The best solution for small spaces is a bathroom cabinet mounted on the wall. When you don’t need space, it creates more.

The design of this cabinet is one of the reasons it stands out. Its inbuilt mirror gives the impression of more space.

If you want to add some extra space and the shelves aren’t enough, choose a black bathroom washbasin with gold handles.

Bathroom Cabinet #3: Full-wall Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Some pots and plants can add a dose of freshness to your bathroom

Use the entire wall of your bathroom for cabinets to add space without compromising storage. Wall-to-wall cabinet designs in the bathroom can make your space appear cluttered. Choose a seamless mirror finish with open shelves to avoid this.

The Under-Sink Cabinet: A Design Idea

Lights around your mirror will provide a distinctive spa-like look to your bathroom.

You can choose a washbasin with a mirror if you don’t want to use wall-mounted cabinets. Avoid a large, bulky cabinet and opt for a sleek unit with no handles.

#5: Floating Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

From upper and lower cabinets to a shelf, this unit offers ample storage

Another great example is a cabinet with a lot of storage. The floating lower cabinet makes it easy to clean and low maintenance. The glass finish on the wall cabinet also makes the bathroom appear larger.

#6: More Floating bathroom cabinet designs for you

Floating cabinets ensure that you can easily clean your bathroom

If you have a tiny bathroom, we recommend that you choose a combination of mirrored and floating bathroom cabinets. Alternatively, you can go one step further and choose light, neutral, or pastel shades to create a spacious feel.

#7: A jazzy bathroom with a simple cabinet

A bathroom fit for royalty!

Tired of whites and grays? Consider a bathroom in jewel blue! To avoid a tacky look, choose a bathroom cabinet that is neutral in color, such as beige.

Add some grooves to the cabinet design if you don’t like it basic.

Bathroom #8: Tall Units

Who said a tall unit belongs only in your kitchen?

We might not think that a tall unit is common in a bathroom. It’s perfect for those who need ample storage.

Ask your designer to design a niche to fit a tall unit into your bathroom. This will save space. A combination of closed cabinets and open shelves can also be used to create a space-saving design.

Are you planning to purchase a bathroom cabinet and a wardrobe at the same time? To determine the ideal budget, use our wardrobe calculator.

#9: Side shelves that don’t take up much space.

All you need is a nook to add a functional bathroom cabinet

Even the smallest bathrooms can accommodate a cabinet. It’s best to choose something minimal, such as narrow shelves. Mirrored cabinets with handleless cabinets are another way to save space.

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#10: The One with the Quirky Wallpaper

Have you ever seen a wall-mounted tall unit?

A sleek, wall-mounted cabinet that looks like a tall unit is another great design for a bathroom cabinet. While neutral colors like white can open up your bathroom space, you can add vibrant wallpaper on half of your wall to give it a pop without being bulky.

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