Six easy ways to make your living room extra cozy

The weather is still chilly, and sunlight is scarce. Curling up in front of a book or TV has become a common practice. Interior design experts offer their top tips to help you create a cozy, inviting living room. Here’s how you can make the most out of your lounge, from soft furnishings to mood lights.

Create a bold color palette.

Interior designer Julia Kendell says that using rich, deep colors can give the impression of warmth. Dark charcoal and navy look great on walls, and they work together well, especially when combined with furniture in contrasting colors such as berry tones and mustard yellow. Wooden furnishings also look great when combined with dark colors,’ explains Ms. Sherry.

Rich shades such as burnt oranges or deep reds can be used to make a statement. Reflecting the seasons is a good way to refresh your space. For a mix of patterns, textures, and creative layouts to really bring these colors to life, interior designer Rukmini Patel says in collaboration with 247 Blinds.

Heat up your

You should ensure that your living room is properly insulated during the winter. The windows are the primary culprits for heat loss. If they are ill-fitting or draughty, it is worth replacing them with triple-glazed units. This will help to retain heat, prevent draughts, and keep condensation off the sills.

You can save money by using individual thermostats for radiators. Visit the Energy Saving Trust for more information and advice on keeping your home warm.

Add rugs over hard flooring.

Julia says that older properties with exposed floorboards are particularly draughty. Filling the gaps with flexible floor filler or covering the entire floor with a large rug can instantly solve the problem.

Rugs can transform the look of your living room and add warmth. Interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott advises placing your rug under the legs of your couch and under your table. Keep it neutral by choosing a simple color or light pattern. A brightly colored abstract carpet can completely change the atmosphere.

Daniel Prendergast is the Design Director of The Rug Seller. He suggests faux fur rugs and chunky knit wool styles. A faux floor rug will add warmth and luxury to any living area, whether you place it in the middle of your room or soften and enhance a cozy nook. You can choose a neutral color like grey or ivory to create a modern finish, or you can go with a natural brown tone for a faux fur effect.

Choose deeper shades for your carpet.

The colors you choose can make a big difference if you want to have a plush carpet in your living area. Darker shades add warmth to a room and can also highlight furniture.

We love a rich and dark charcoal grey or a dark striped charcoal grey. These can be enhanced with deep shades of forest greens or warmed with beige or caramel shades. Consider a stripe with a warm color, such as red or orange. You can then build on that.

The right carpet material is essential to creating a cozy living room. The deeper the pile, the better. So, choose something luxurious and densely woven.

Layer textures

What is the secret to creating a cozy and warm living room? Layering. Layering. For lounging, it’s important to layer and accessorize with cushions and throws.

For the ultimate in comfort, mix throws and pillows in faux fur, chunky knit, and felted fabrics. Julia suggests adding silk and wool for an incredibly luxurious and indulgent effect.

Vanessa says: “If you have a leather sofa or one that is brightly colored, choose neutral or dark shades for your living room to make it more weather-appropriate. You can layer up or drape matching throws over the arms of your sofa.

Choose oranges, caramels, and reds. These are excellent tones that will transform the sofa and the entire room.

Swoon experts suggest creating a box or basket full of blankets to keep your guests warm when temperatures drop. Choose a variety of cotton velvet throws to match your color scheme and place them in a wooden basket.

Bring the outdoors inside.

Rukmini says that bringing nature inside is a wonderful way to make your home more comfortable. “Pile silver birch and pine cones together in a vase to create a connection with the outdoors.” Place fire logs next to the fireplace and surround them with candles or lanterns. This will keep you warm as the weather changes.

Indoor Plants have several benefits for your home, including purifying the air, reducing stress, and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Warming woods

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Oakley Pink Glass Desk & Table Lamp

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