7 decor tips and ideas to infuse your home with positive energy

We all want to live in a home that is relaxing, comfortable and reviving. The energy in the house can affect the people who live there. In today’s hectic world, we all want to be surrounded by positive energies. You can achieve this by adding decorative items, changing your color scheme, and allowing natural light into the room. You can design each corner of your home to emit positive energy. Discover how to turn your home into a tranquil sanctuary by incorporating natural elements, using colors, and decluttering. (Also Read: Transforming Small Spaces: Creative Home Decor Ideas and Tips for Compact Living Areas )

It is important to create a positive and harmonious living environment for our well-being.

Decorating your home with positive energy

Saakshi Nagpal shares some tips on home décor with HT Lifestyle. These can help infuse positive energy into your home.

Keep your home clutter-free

It is important to keep the entrance of your home clean, as this is where the energy enters the house. Clutter creates stagnation and blocks the flow of positive energies. After decluttering, the space will feel calmer and breathable. Keep the areas that are frequently used, such as the kitchen table, coffee table, and counters, clean and clutter-free.

Natural sunlight

It is possible to create a home that has positive energy by keeping your windows open. This will allow for cross-ventilation and natural light. Natural sunlight is proven to increase Vitamin D production, which improves moods and happiness. Access to natural sunlight can also increase productivity at work. Open your window blinds or curtains to let in natural light to make the space feel brighter.

Include houseplants or flowers.

Introduce plants to your home interiors to improve the air quality and beautify an area. Fresh-cut flowers and living houseplants have been proven to improve residents’ mental and emotional states. Choose easy-care plants such as succulents, ferns, or flowers like orchids or lilies and place them in windows with sunlight.


Artwork and artifacts that are meaningful can instantly make a space feel happier. They serve as a constant reminder of love, light, and happiness. Here are a few ideas:

Placing a Buddha at the entrance will help to remove negative energy.

Place a vase filled with flower petals and water near the front door to create a positive atmosphere.

Wind chimes can be made with hollow rods of six or eight. This will enhance the positive energy.

Photos of family members in your living room can promote healthy relationships and positivity. These pictures can bring positive energy into the home.

Add some colour

Add a splash of color to make a room feel more cheerful and bright. Add a few colorful throw pillows to the couch, and drape a beautiful quilt over the bed. This will instantly enhance the look of the room. Clinically, it has been proven that vibrant colors such as greens, reds, and yellows can immediately boost the energy and happiness of their occupants. The living room, for example, should be painted in warm and light colors like beige, floral white, and cream. This is because it’s the first place guests will see. These colors are associated with calmness, perfection, and beauty.

Use scent

The smell is a key element that defines the atmosphere of a space. Aromatherapy has been proven to help people relax and feel happier. You can use an essential oil such as lavender, rosemary, or tangerine to bring positive energy into any space instantly. Place a few drops in a diffuser, and the room will feel bright, happy, and fresh for hours.

Attention to Lighting

You feel depressed in a room that’s dark and poorly illuminated. It is still important to ensure that a room is well-lit, even if it doesn’t receive natural sunlight. Just by turning on overhead and lamp lights at the right times, you can make a room look brighter and cleaner. A good lighting system promotes harmony and balance in the home.

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