Decorating mistakes that make your space look tiny

The newest trend in home decor is smaller spaces. These are practical, economical, and highly sustainable. What’s the best part? The best part?

Your home should be designed as a sanctuary with creativity, love, and care. Interior designers can use tricks and hacks to make smaller spaces appear larger.

You’ve come to a good place if you want your home to feel larger. You’ve found the right place if you are a homeowner who wants to remodel or an interior designer searching for new room design ideas.

We’ll share 15 common decorating mistakes that can make your house look smaller and how to avoid them.

The impact of interior design and decor on the perceived size of your home

A great design can do a lot to soothe the soul and invoke positive emotions. Your home and interiors are said to make you feel creative, confident, and safe. The interior design and decor can enhance the space. The right pieces and colors can make an area appear much larger than it is. A bad design or decor can make a space look smaller.

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Are you eager to learn the secrets of making a small home look larger? Here are 15 mistakes in interior design/decor to avoid.

Pushing furniture against the wall

Most people push their furniture against the wall to create more space. While this may seem like an excellent idea to open up space, it can actually reduce the overall appearance of an interior space.

Many interior designers prefer to leave some space between furniture and the wall rather than having the furniture touch the wall. This creates an illusion of depth and depth in the room, which makes it appear larger.

Use Bright Colors on Walls

Who doesn’t love a vibrant color? Bright, fluorescent colors are great for a room, but they can also create a size-reducing illusion. Because they have strong hues, bright colors can make a space feel smaller.

Many interior designers recommend using decor items from a bright color palette or researching the latest color trends for a room. Bright throw pillows, artwork, and interior design items can brighten a room and prevent it from appearing smaller.

No Art to Hang

Did you know that sometimes blank walls are worse than cluttered ones? You may be mistaken if you believe that a cluttered room will appear smaller. We recommend art for decorating your walls.

A good piece of art can brighten up a dull wall and give it depth. It will also balance out the interior space. Art can add color and balance to a space while reducing any contrasts created by decor or furniture.

Using Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are among the most visually appealing items of interior decoration that people add to their homes. They can add character to a room and brighten a dimly lit or dull space. However, a floor lamp may shrink your interior space if it is already small. While they can provide enough light, they can also clutter up the floor area, making the room appear smaller.

Displaying Your Tchotchkes

We are all curators of experiences! Travel souvenirs and gifts from others are a big part of our lives. We love to decorate our homes with souvenirs, tchotchkes, and other trinkets. Be careful, as too many of these items can make your room look cluttered and smaller.

Interior designers suggest using only a few statement items instead of displaying everything. You can change the pieces to give each room a new look.

Using Dark Colors

Dark colors are stunning but should be used sparingly. They can make a space feel smaller and closer. Use dark furniture or walls with care to avoid making a space feel even more cramped. Pair dark colors with lighter pieces or plants to liven up a room.

Use Many Patterns

Larger spaces tend to have fewer patterns. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use patterns, but you should limit them to a specific purpose.

Reduce the number of patterns in your space to make it appear larger. Too many patterns can close your space, making it seem smaller. Use accessories with patterns, such as curtains, rugs, or table runners, to give your room a more quirky feel.

Unmatched flooring

The type of flooring you use can make a space appear smaller. For example, if different rooms, or even the same one, have mismatched flooring, your space may appear smaller. Flooring that flows easily into each room (even if it is different) can make your interior appear larger.


Darker rooms and dimly lit areas can also create the illusion that a room is smaller. Avoid common design errors associated with a lack of light in your room. If you do not have access to windows or natural light, use artificial lighting such as table lamps, floor lights, fairy lights, or ceiling lights.

Use Mirrors Correctly

Did you know that installing mirrors creatively can help expand your interior? Use a mirror, whether it’s a statement piece for your living room or a sleek modern mirror in your main bedroom, to give the impression of a larger space. There’s nothing better than natural light bouncing off the mirror!

Use curtains on your windows instead.

Did you know curtains can completely transform your room? If you don’t use curtains on your windows, they can make the room look smaller and bare. Remember the discussion we had about bare walls with no art? Interior designers believe curtains can have the same impact.

In a small room, use long curtains that reach the floor to create an illusion of height. Mix transparent curtains and curtains with lighter fabrics and a heavier drape to give privacy when needed.

Bulky Storage

No one can live without storage, and the best homes make great use of their space to maximize it. Too much storage in a small area can cause clutter and resemble a large warehouse.

Multifunctional units are a great alternative to bulky furniture or storage items. They will help you maximize your space.

Too Many Plants

You may have a green finger, but does your home need one? Plants can bring life and light to a room, but too many plants can cause clutter and reduce space.

To avoid the room looking smaller, keep your plants healthy and trim. Also, make sure they don’t overgrow or climb onto furniture and that they don’t overhang or take up the entire wall space.

Use of Very Large Tables

Tables add function and character to interior spaces. They are necessary, but one must know what type best suits the space.

A large Dining Room Table in a Living Room can clutter up the space and make it look and feel smaller. Opt for a smaller, sleeker coffee table to serve the same purpose while adding value to your space.

Do It Yourself

Do it yourself if you love DIY! Do your research first. Doing up your house can be an exciting and fun project whether you are experienced or not. But consult with an expert or interior designer first before you DIY everything.

Follow these tips to prevent your home from looking smaller. You don’t want to waste your time and effort.

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