Easy ways to improve curb appeal

First impressions are important in all situations, from job interviews to first dates. When it comes to selling a home, the first impression of your house’s exterior is important. According to a University of Texas at Arlington report in The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics published by The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. Curb appeal can contribute up to 7 percent of the value of a house. It’s vital to present your home in the best light.

Curb Appeal is how your home appears from the outside and how appealing it is to passersby. To determine curb appeal, look at your house from the point of view of someone who is seeing it for the first time. The color, condition, and maintenance of your home’s exterior determine curb appeal.

When you put your house on the market, this first impression is crucial. Yawar Charlie is a Los Angeles agent at the Aaron Kirman Group. She says that curb appeal can be one of the most effective and important tools for selling a house.

How to improve curb appeal

If you’re selling during the spring/summer peak season, improving your home’s curb appeal will help you attract buyers and maximize your sale price. Here are eight ideas to try:

Paint the house

It is important to keep your exterior clean and attractive. This will make it more appealing to buyers. A new coat of paint is one of the best ways of refreshing it. While this may be expensive, it could make a huge difference.

Cost: From $6,242 to $11,617, according to Fixr.com, an online resource for home remodeling.

Just repaint the doors.

It is possible to make a difference by simply painting the outside of your entryway. Zillow’s 2023 Paint Color Analysis revealed that buyers were willing to pay more for a home featuring a bold, black front door as opposed to a cement-gray one. Stewart says that painting the front door and garage can improve the entrance, as it is one of the first things buyers notice.

Cost: According to Fixr, the average is between $112 and $205. Most homeowners can do the job themselves at a lower price.

Cleaning the windows

Even if your interior is well maintained, a buyer may be put off by dirty windows. Stewart says that giving your windows a good scrub is a cheap and easy way to make them sparkle.

Cost: According to Fixr, professional window washers cost between $190 and $400. If you do it yourself, you will only need water, cleaning products, and some elbow grease.

Refresh your landscaping

Professional landscaping is expensive. Small and inexpensive upgrades like adding a few colorful flowerpots can help. Stewart says to take a step back and determine if it’s time to report flowers or replace bushes. Even some new mulch will go a long way.

According to Fixr, an expert job costs $8,000 to $15,000. If you own a rake or a lawnmower, you can do a lot of work for a little money. To add color to the porch or walkway, add a few pre-potted flowers and plants. You can also take them home after the sale.

Driveway power wash

Many homes’ driveways are focal points. Years of rain, snow, and leaves can damage their surfaces. “If your driveway is discolored, get it power washed,” Charlie says. If there are many unsightly cracks, gouges, and bumps, you might want to have it resurfaced.

Cost: $180 to $240 per Fixr. Renting a Fixr from a local home improvement store should cost less than $100 if you plan to do the work yourself.

Clean up the lighting.

Exterior lighting that is clean, functional, and placed correctly can not only look good but also be a safety and security feature. You should at least inspect and refurbish your outdoor lighting. Stewart advises that you check that all bulbs are working and that they’re free of dust and cobwebs. This will ensure that your home is well-lit if potential buyers drive by or visit at sunset.

Cost: According to Fixr, the cost to install outdoor motion sensor lights ranges between $350 and $500.

Repair the roof and gutters.

It’s important to have a professional inspect your roof and gutters before you sell. If there are any visible problems, such as broken shingles or gutters that are not secured or sagging, it’s important to have your roof checked by a professional.

According to Fixr, the cost of roofing repair is between $400 and $2,000, and gutter repair is between $218 and $396.

Upgrade your mailbox

It’s not big, but it is important. It’s one of the things that prospective buyers will notice when they visit your home. “If your mailbox has faded, or looks worse for wear, then it’s definitely time to upgrade,” Stewart advises. It might seem like a small job, but this can improve curb appeal.

Cost The cost of cleaning or painting your mailbox is minimal. You can purchase inexpensive kits to replace it at your local home improvement store.

Common curb appeal mistakes

Once you decide which curb appeal projects to tackle, you don’t want to waste time or money. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Overspending: Do not get carried away with making all the upgrades possible. Charlie says that one of the most common mistakes he sees is homeowners doing too much to improve curb appeal. Stewart says that there can be too many trees and flowers.

Projects with no ROI: What you love may be a liability for the next owner. Installing a lawn fountain is a prime example: “Fountains create a relaxing atmosphere, but are expensive and a recurring expense due to their water consumption,” David Steckel, an expert in home design at Thumbtack. There is no return on investment for a fountain.

Make bold changes: Use neutral colors for kitchen and bathroom tiles and exterior paint. Charlie says that one of the most common mistakes people make is painting their homes a bright, outrageous color. “Adopt a more classic style that will appeal to many people.”

Not consulting the HOA: You should consult your homeowners’ association if you are planning to make any upgrades. Stewart advises sellers to check their HOA bylaws prior to making any upgrades that need approval from the HOA.

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