How to strike the perfect balance between home design and decor

I have always loved modern design, which you wouldn’t expect of someone who lives in a farmhouse that is over 100 years old. As I immersed myself more in the designs I love, I realized that Quaker interiors were probably the most “me.” It’s OLD. It’s SOLID wood. It is very simple and minimal. It’s great. My OCD for clean lines and NO Clutter makes me very happy. It’s pretty much what I see in my own home but with our personality and practicality.

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You are not alone if you like traditional homes. Some people still prefer the old-school look despite the increasing popularity of chic greyscale homes with hard surfaces and minimal design.

You may not like the modern style that everyone seems to prefer. Some people love the traditional look of rustic and folky homes. Old houses have problems, including cracks, dampness, and drafts.

How can you achieve the perfect balance between traditional and modern decor? Find out more by reading on.

All about flooring

Hardwood and stone flooring scream rustic farmhouses to die for. Hardwood or flagstone flooring is a great way to bring a house that is falling apart up to date with modern fittings while still maintaining its old-fashioned roots.

Solid flooring will give your home an oaky and wholesome feeling. It is the first thing that people will notice when they enter. It is crucial to start from the floor up, as the flooring will offset the decor in the rest of your home. Underfloor heating can be used with dark floorboards, grey flagstones, or other traditional materials. This allows you to maintain your decor while enjoying the benefits of modern technology.

How can you find the best hardwood flooring company? Look for a company with great reviews and stunning images that match your traditional flooring.

Traditional decor with subtle touches

It’s not necessary to shout “Traditional” at people when they enter your home. You can achieve it subtly and with style.

The details will give your home a classic but modern feel. A dark, embroidered carpet on the floor of your living room will instantly add a class without you even realizing it. Mismatched crockery and strategically placed decorations can also give the impression of a quirky farmhouse.

Balance is key!

Create an inviting ambiance.

The downside of modern chic housing is the fact that it doesn’t look very inviting to guests.

Traditional homes are welcoming and open. There is always tea available, blankets, and a positive atmosphere. Your home’s overall feel is a reflection of how you present it to others. While contemporary homes can be cold, unyielding, and hard, your traditional home will feel warm, welcoming, and lighthearted.

As previously mentioned, you can make your house feel more like home by adding some personal touches.

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