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Our clients are overwhelmingly asking for fire pits in their backyards – with good reason! Fire pits can be easily incorporated into your landscape, and they are something that everyone of any age will enjoy. They can be enjoyed all year long, making them an excellent investment.

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Discover Our PackagesThere are many types of fire pits, ranging from expensive outdoor fireplaces that feature dramatic masonry work to simple and low-cost designs that can be incorporated into any landscape. There is a fire pit for every garden and style, whether you choose propane fire pits or outdoor gas fires. Our guide to outdoor fire options and their costs has more ideas for backyard fire pits and landscaping tips.

Fire Pit Tables

Outdoor fire pits are a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. They can be used in any size area and will add style and comfort. Outdoor fire tables can transform a coffee table into a cozy, 24/7 gathering space.

Fire Pits Built-In

Seating areas built around your firepit create the perfect location for relaxing and gathering. They make the illusion of an outdoor room and are open to landscape design.

Moveable Fire Pits

Smaller, portable fire pits can be a great low-cost option for adding a fire to your backyard. Mobile fire bowls do not require masonry, gas, or propane lines and can be installed on concrete pavers or gravel. They also add flexibility to your outdoor space, as you can move them around whenever you want to change your landscape layout.

Outdoor Fire Places

Outdoor fireplaces bring the same charm and elegance to your landscape as indoor fireplaces. You can choose from rustic masonry finishes or modern stucco to create statement pieces for any landscape design. The raised chimneys also help direct smoke away from the cozy gathering.

Statement Fire Pits

Do you want to give your landscape design a little more “oomph?” You can do this by using your fire pit to create a sculpture. Fire pits with a bronze-finished metal finish, raw stone fire pits, and sleek concrete fire pits all make stunning focal points for your garden.

Your Yard Can Be a Destination for Fire Pits

With a little planning, you can create a landscape that makes it feel as if you are leaving behind your everyday life. Use your fire pit to create a focal point in a particular area of your landscaping. This will help you create a more immersive environment. This allows you to enjoy your morning coffee not only in the backyard but also in the flower gardens.


chiminea, while not part of the everyday vocabulary, is a miniature fireplace. The walled firepits come with a chimney built in that directs smoke like a fireplace. They are also mobile and easy to install. Installing these fire pits is easier and cheaper, which is great for landscapers on a budget.

You can see in the above gallery that creating a firepit for your backyard can range from simple to complex. You can choose from a simple fire pit placed on gravel to a more elaborate pergola with outdoor entertainment. Whatever sesetupou choose, you need to remember a few things:

Discover Our PackagesThe Best Furniture for Your Fire Pit Nook

Fixed seating keeps people at a safe range, while movable furniture allows people to find the right level of comfort around the fire.

Families can benefit from a mix of fixed and movable seating.

Your Fire Pit’s Location

Consider how you want to use the space with your family. You may want to place the fire pit near your home so that it is easy to access, or you might prefer it further away for a more natural feel.

Embracing Your Style

Integrate your fire pit with the rest of your yard by using good landscaping design. Make sure you have a path to get to the fire pit area. Is it a walkway made of mulch? Stepping stones? Modern pavers? Seating is a great way to add your style. Adirondack chairs would be perfect for a rustic look. You can let your garden style shine through in the design.

Are you ready to start designing your backyard firepit? Tilly is here to help you! Browse more inspiration! See some great ideas for decks, flower beds, deck vs. balcony, deck vs. pergola, and retaining walls!

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