Living room decor ideas for winter

Let’s discuss winter decorating ideas. Winter is the perfect time to remove all of our Christmas decorations and re-decorate our homes with soft, warm, and cozy embellishments. Here are 20 simple ideas to add coziness to your home during the winter months.

I love the winter. I love the snow! I love snow! Winter is the time when we want to make our houses cozy, warm, and inviting. Here are some things I do to add beauty and decor to Tanglewood while making my home a refuge from the cold.

Create A Winter Vignette

When I switch my decor for the season, I create a vignette. In winter, I love to combine whites and warm neutrals. Mercury glass and burnished bronze are my favorite metals because they reflect light so well, adding a little sparkle to the darkest of winter days!

In the winter, items with blond tones or bleached wood look stunning.

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Add A Cozy Throw

In the winter, I cover every sofa and chair in my home with a throw. It’s soft, cozy, and textural. Add a throw to your sofa or chair to make it cozy.

My latest project was the throw shown below. It was knitted with large needles. It’s a fun way to keep your hands busy and entertained while you watch TV.

Check out six ways to style decorative throws.

Remove Your Decor

Winter is the time when I strip my decor down and keep it simple. The best times to decorate are spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, my house is less decorated. This is my favorite winter decor idea!

This type of winter decor is great for the home and our souls.

Simple Winter Decor Ideas for Styling a Coffee Table can help you create winter decor vignettes.

Candles: The Ambience And Beauty Of Candles

Use candles in the winter. Also lanterns.

Candlelight is a romantic and cozy way to make any space more intimate and comfortable. The lantern creates beautiful patterns on the walls!

Battery-operated candles have been my go-to for many years. In the past, I was notorious for forgetting blown-out candles! We often had to go home after a night out to check if I’d blown out the candle. No more!

My candles all have timers, so I don’t need to turn them on and off every time. These candles are more expensive, but the look is well worth it, and they last for many years!

Candles are a great way to light up the winter!

Add Cozy Pillows

Pillows are an exception to the rule of minimal winter embellishments. They are my favorite! This year, I kept the pillows mostly white with lots and lots of texture.

I mixed up old favorites and new ones. My pom-pom pillow makes me think of snow. This winter, I see pom-poms, faux fur, and texture in many pillows.

If the pillows are similar in color, the texture will make them stand out. Texture can also keep your decor fresh, especially when it’s neutral.

Be Pro Pinecone

Pinecones are a great decor item that I use all year long. These are great for winter decorating. Pinecones with some faux snow are my favorite! Don’t store them with your other Christmas decorations. Use them generously.

I love to place small pinecones into bowls and then tuck them away in vignettes. Pinecones add a unique look to StoneGable’s winter decor.

Add Some Green to Your Winter Home

Add green plants and other organics to your home in winter to bring it to life!

In the vignette, I placed a faux fern in a white pot. You’d be surprised at what a little green can do to a vignette or a whole room!

They thrive there and give me lots of cuttings for recipes as well as a touchstone of something growing and alive until the early spring flowers begin to bloom in our garden. The herbs grow well and provide me with lots of cuttings to use in recipes. They also give me a constant reminder of life and growth until our early spring flowers bloom.

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Grow Herbs Inside. Add little pots of herbs to a window sill or kitchen counter. You will smile every time.

Other Winter Decorating Ideas

Here are other tips to decorate for the winter season…

Add plants to your bedroom.

Use white flowers to decorate your home

Fill a bowl of pomegranates to serve at your table

Use several crocks made of stoneware to decorate a shelf

Birch logs can be placed in an awkward corner.

Mirrors can be used to reflect light in a room.

Layer white or neutral bedding.

Add a sheepskin throw to a sofa or chair

Add a furry accent pillow

Lay a large throw rug or layers of rugs on hardwood floors

Put a lantern on your front porch

Hang white drapes over your windows

Diffuse aromas that will make you feel warm and cozy in winter

Winter is a great time to show off the beauty and simplicity of your rooms. Add just the right amount of winter decor, and use lots of white.

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