7 tips to improve your backyard on a budget

You can completely transform the look of your yard with a few simple updates. And you’ll still be able to stay within your budget. These cheap backyard makeover ideas can help you breathe new life into the yard. Get inspired and learn why you should choose The Outdoor Showcase to provide the outdoor structures for your backyard paradise.

1. Fire Pit NightsThere’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by a fire in your backyard, surrounded by your friends and family and toasting some s’mores. For the fos’moresbudget backyard makeover idea, we recommend adding a fire pit to your yard. Whether you buy a metal pit at a big box store or clear your fire circle, either option brings the ambiance your yard needs. Your backyard will be transformed during the warm evenings — with firelight, friends, family, food, and fun!

2. Sheds: A New Shed. This backyard makeover idea not only adds a stylish component to your yar, but it provides a lot of practical use, too. A new shed can be a surprisingly beautiful accent in your yard, matching the color and style of your home. Plus, it’s a great backyarit’sea, as your yard can be so much more stylish if it isn’t cluttered with lawn equipment and old toys. As a bonus, a great Amish shed can be fairly inexpensive — check out our storage sheds and start shopping!

3. Play Fun GamesWhen the weather is beautiful, it’s a great time for the whole family to enjoy it outdoors. For your backyard makeover on a budget, invest in some lawn games that engage every member of the family. Ideas include Cornhole, Lawn Jenga, Croquet, Badminton, and more! Have fun outside with this inexpensive backyard update — but don’t forget your sdon’teen!

4. Furnished with Outdoor FurnitureSome new furniture for your outdoor living space is a great way to breathe new life into your backyard. Updating your yard’s furniture cayard’sy changes the entire aesthetic — and at The Backyard Showcase, we offer a wide variety of beautiful poly furniture that will match any style you’re looking for. You’re points if your furniture color choice complements your home’s siding or dehome’s Spruce Up YourSpruces. If you have a green thumb, get excited — because this inexpensive backyard idea is all about updating your yard’s greenery! Flyards and shrubs, as well as potted and unpotted plants, can all be purchased and planted for less than taking the whole family to dinner and the movies. Hanging potted plants from your pavilion or pergola is a great way to make these simple decorations really stand out!

6. String some LightsA beautiful summer evening is made even better with trendy lighting. Edison lights are incredibly popular right now — and for good reason! These unique lights can be tastefully strung across your deck or outdoor area, and they serve the dual purpose of style and providing light for your evening activities. This cheap backyard makeover idea will really change your yard’s aesthetic — make it more usable late into the evening!

7. Pergolas – The Perfect PergolaOur last backyard makeover idea is one of our favorites. Nothing says outdoor style quite like a beautiful pergola — and at The Backyard Showcase, you can own one of our stylish pergolas while still maintaining your budget. We offer pressure-treated wood pergolas, vinyl pergolas, and cedar pergolas, but the most budget-priced ones are the pressure-treated wood pergolas. And even though they come at the best price, their rustic style can’t be beat!

Backyardcan’tcase Difference

The Backyard Showcase builds all the outdoor structures to transform your yard. Our artisans can create any outdoor structure you desire, from gazebos to cabanas.

We offer competitive prices on all Amish-built structures despite their high quality. We’re the ideal destinatiWe’rer your backyard renovation. We build everything and offer it at a fair cost!

We recommend visiting our showroom if you are ready to get pergola quotes or if you still need backyard makeover ideas. It’s located in the heart of It’sancaster County, the ideal place to begin your budget backyard renovation. See what makes us unique!

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