Five easy tips for creating a cozy living room in the winter

It can be a long, dreary winter in certain parts of North America. This year, we may spend more time at home than ever before, so why not make our homes as cozy as possible?

This post will show you how to make your house cozy and warm for the winter.

Throw blankets and pillows layered on

Pile on the pillows! Even if you aren’t snuggled in them, blankets and pillows can make a room feel warm when it is cold outside. Throw pillows and blankets on your couch, and the whole family will want to snuggle up all winter.

My chunky knitting blanket collection blanket ladder is my favorite because of the large texture. However, I don’t use them too often, mostly because Jackson likes to dig in blankets with his claws.

They are displayed, and the blankets that we use are neatly tucked away in a basket behind our couch.

Include Area Rugs

Area rugs, both large and small, can provide warmth during the winter months. Wool, sheepskin, and natural fibers with heavy textures look and feel great from fall through spring. They also think fantastic underfoot!

This year, I didn’t need to change the area rug as we had just purchased a brand new one in 2019. If your rug looks shabby and worn, you might want to consider a shag carpet or a super cozy rug. Use this guideline to determine the proper rug size.

I had also intended to bring down my Ikea faux sheepskin rug to place under the tray on the coffee table. I forgot about it until I took pictures to show you. Oops!

Layering different rugs can give them a more realistic and visual texture. You can layer a shag over a jute rug or animal skin or real fur over a regular carpet. This layering technique implies warmth.

Keep the twinkle lights out past Christmas.

The warm glow from the Christmas tree lights is something I love. They have a warm, inviting glow. When the tree is cut down, I will miss that warm, soft glow. What do you think? It was only recently that I realized there could be lights even if there is no tree!

I leave two greenery garlands, one with lights on the couch table in the living area and the other on the side table of the dining room, all winter.

I added lights to my faux eucalyptus garland on the fireplace last year. The majority of the lights are battery-powered. However, I also found a few plug-in electric strands.

Add Candles

I also added several candles to the living area.

They are all battery-powered and have timers. I set them to turn on as soon as it gets dark outside.

Some I keep an eye on and light since I am a little forgetful. I have to remember to blow out the candles. You can’t beat candlelight (#facepalm).

Use Vignettes to Display Your Favorite Winter Home Décor

Instead of scattering your decor around the room, create vignettes with 3-5 pieces. This will make your space look cozy but not cluttered.

For the best vignettes, remember to use odd numbers of pieces and to vary their height and size.

Create a Cozy Corner

You can create a “vignette” with larger pieces of decor, similar to the smaller pieces. Create a cozy corner with an armchair and a table.

Mixing and matching fabrics and lighting to create a comfortable space in your home is a great way to make it feel like a place where you want to stay for a while. Grab a book, put your feet up, and enjoy your favorite winter beverage. It can be great to stay home during the winter.

Shannon Acheson, author of Home Made Lovely. She’s also the founder and CEO of, where she teaches moms how to design the home that they want confidently. Shannon lives with her husband and three children in the suburbs near Toronto, Ontario.

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