How to refresh your outdoor living spaces for winter

Winter can make outdoor spaces feel somewhat bare. The abundance of plants, outdoor décor, and accessories that beautify porches and patios during the rest of the year is gone. However, you can make these areas welcoming and beautiful from the inside. These ideas will help you refresh your outdoor areas.

Decorate your porch, door, and outdoor containers using swaths of winter greenery. This Michigan home’s entry is adorned with matching wreaths and festive garland. Two evergreen trees and smaller potted plants continue the theme. Meanwhile, wooden lanterns bring a touch of brightness to a cold winter day. After the holidays, remove the ornaments and ribbons to keep the design fresh until spring.

Tip: In cold winter areas, choose outdoor containers carefully. Terra-cotta or porcelain containers are more likely to crack in cold weather. Metal, wood, fiberglass, resin, and concrete are the best options for wintry weather.

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The Inspired Garden This New York porch’s dark evergreen branches create an appropriate winter backdrop for the lotus pods and pine cones that are tucked amongst them. The look is completed with a white candle lantern and a holiday wreath.

Houzz has a wide selection of outdoor planters and pots. Sherrerds Inc. Garden Design Fills forgotten corners with nature. This container, with mixed evergreens and dried grasses, along with pine cones, painted stems, and pine cones, transforms a previous space into an eye-catching focal point.

Invite guests to the outside by creating a cozy and inviting space for them to sit. Add a few blankets to complete the look. Make sure that the fabrics you select can withstand Mother Nature’s harshest elements, from heavy rain to snow and bright sunlight. Or store them away when they are not in use. This built-in bench looks more inviting with a thick pad and an abundance of pillows.

Browse outdoor pillows STEINER Art & Design. Add cozy layers for extra comfort. Even in snowy weather, the faux fur on the benches and gliders in this small German chalet is irresistible. Faure Halvorsen Architects Heat bare patios, decks, and porches by using an outdoor rug. Two. This Montana cabin’s small rug placed in front of the chair or bench is a nice way to show the changing seasons. Use a large rug to cover the entire area and prevent dirt, snow, and slush from tracking into your home.

Tip: Choose a rug designed to withstand outdoor conditions. It should also be easy to clean. Clear Home Design: Hang outdoor curtains along the perimeter of a deck, porch, or patio to create an enclosure feeling. The curtains can protect against the elements even if they do not surround the area. If you have an outdoor area with a large open ceiling, attach curtains to strong supports such as poles, fences, or freestanding poles. Attach them to the structure surrounding a covered area. Centre Sky Architecture Ltd 3. Brighten up the Winter Nights and Days

Increase your outdoor lighting in order to combat the darker days and longer nights of winter. Solar, battery, or plug-in lights can transform a dark area into a welcoming retreat. Start with string lights, but don’t limit yourself to them.

Consider adding a chandelier to a patio, deck, or covered porch. A chandelier will brighten up a covered porch. Work with an electrician. This project is a great way to get started. Choose a fixture that suits your style. It can be contemporary, traditional, or rustic with branches and bulbs. Outdoor Dreams: Wrap them around posts or thread them through plants. These lights will add cheer to your winter landscape by adding a ray of light.

Ten Ways to Decorate with Outdoor Christmas Lights Lynn Cesaria STYLE Layer hurricane and lantern lights in your room. Select fixtures that suit your style and make sure they are weather-resistant. Battery-operated and candle-powered lanterns are both good options. Candles should be placed in a safe and stable area and not left unattended.

See more outdoor lighting at Talie Jane Interiors. Fill the lanterns or a large Mason jar with twinkle or string lights powered by batteries to add some whimsy. The PRG Group 4. Warm Things Up

Heaters can help you stay warm outside. Portable patio heaters can be a great way to prolong your time outdoors, especially on an open-air patio or deck. There are many different designs, from small to big and from traditional to modern.

The addition of a mounted heater along a wall or an overhead structure can increase the comfort in a smaller outdoor area. Hire a professional to install them or look for plug-in models. The PRG Group 5. Light a fire

Curl up before a fire. The quintessential winter pastime is elevated when you have a fireplace outside. Then, let everyone settle down and enjoy the fire. The PRG Group A portable or permanent outdoor fire pit will also be equally inviting. The Montana fire pit is perfectly positioned to enjoy the snowy views. Hang a birdfeeder nearby to provide wildlife with food and for you to enjoy the view.

Decorate your home with festive decorations to make you feel comfortable in the winter months. Mixing deeper reds with evergreen plants will take you through December and into March. As seen in this Wisconsin sun porch, the colors can help warm up an area, enriching it throughout winter. Glenna Partridge Garden Design: You can replace a traditional holiday wreath with one that highlights the beauty of winter foliage. This wreath’s darker tones stand out against this bright yellow door and ground it in the colder months. Spade & Sparrow Display your favorite outdoor winter sports by the front entrance. Even if you are far from snow, a sled or ice skates will look great. A neat stack of birch wood logs completes the look.

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